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Intellectual Property Rights Services in Delhi India

Sealing Your Creativity with The Right Stamp

The Intellectual Property Right (IPR) department at CCA Legal ensures to safeguard every individual’s creativity. Aiding a plethora of clients from across the globe, CCA Legal has been at its peak in managing various pandora’s boxes getting locked up and providing a sigh of relief to the client. Legal protection to intangible resources like innovation is crucial and is a widespread international interest.

The intellectual property lawyers at CCA Legal are also highly skilled in assisting and delivering suitable approaches in the sphere of intellectual property law, including the drafting and review of technology transfer agreements, software licensing agreements, franchisee agreements, assignment agreements, and trademark defence agreements.

Shades of our Services in the IPR Canvas


Original works of authorship are protected by copyright, as soon as the author binds the work in a concrete form of expression. Copyright law shoots into various hemispheres ranging from plays, architectural works, books, poetry, blog posts, sound recordings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, and it keeps counting. But what if someone snatches your sword of words that you presented in your precious piece of work? Hence the very need to have a mighty ally knowing the nuances of it with the devil’s eye sharp enough to notice the details.

CCA Legal stands as a shield and often a spear advising clients in turmoil to come out of the pickle giving them the desired consequence. Our team of competent professionals remain readily accessible to handle matters like copyright registration, assignment, infringement, software programme copyright, drafting deeds for copyright transfer and royalty, etc. to assure that no one else harvests what you sowed.


India's design law seeks to reconcile the protection of registered designs with a boost for artistic activity. Designs that are novel, creative, and eye-catching are safeguarded by design law. There are various points to be pondered before and after registering the design. The copyright of the design, duration of the same, piracy of the design and transfer of the right, every little aspect is given heed by our firm to land on safely into the legal universe with airbags of counselling.


Our attorneys assist in safeguarding an inventor's patent rights in a variety of technological fields. Our team of professionals meet the standards to manage intricate opposition proceedings, reply to invalidity actions, and offer thoughtful advice on validity and infringement. We also offer services in the areas of precise background searches, liberty to operate evaluation, drafting, filing, and prosecution of patent applications.


It is a unique symbol or sign which distinguishes the services of one enterprise from another. They are in every nook and corner making them an indispensable part of this business globe. A trademark acknowledges the firm's ownership of the brand and uniquely identifies a product as being owned by that company. It may or may not be registered.

CCA Legal analyses the issue and offers Online Trademark Searches and filing with USPTO, EPO, CIPO, IPO, Prosecuting Trademark Applications, registration, Trademark Infringement/ Opinion, Action of Infringement & Passing Off etc.