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Start up Law Services

Oars to the Startup Boat

CCA Legal is amongst the premier startup advisory law firms in India and has a stellar history of collaborating with different startups all over the world.
Irrespective of how big or small, starting a business entails many legal and regulatory requirements that must be followed. In addition, all organizations require documented policies and internal management protocols to ensure smooth functioning. Such regulations carry heavy fines and penalties, as well as potential legal liabilities and litigation.

This is where CCA Legal comes into play, providing a broad range of services designed with startups in mind. Their proficiency in startup law guarantees that nascent enterprises can concentrate on expansion while adhering to regulatory obligations.

Our attorneys have extensive understanding about the nuances and laws surrounding valuation, transactions, deal support, ESOPs, and various other components to the wheels rolling.

Our Portfolio of services

To defend the interests of the founders at every stage of their business, we integrate the latest advancements in various sectors with the customary legal practice. CCA Legal provides comprehensive legal work, structural, and regulatory solutions that are specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs and startups in navigating every phase of their expansion process, including:

  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights and related interests and adherence to the ever-evolving fields of data protection and privacy.
  • Streamlining the intricate capital structure, liquidation preference, co-founders' agreement terms, range of licenses, and other crucial early-stage startup components.
  • Assisting in executing a personalized ESOP plan, the vesting schedule, and the foundation of ESOP trust.
  • Analysis and of conversion rights, and affirmative action policies throughout the funding rounds.
  • Tailoring and complying with FEMA Compliances in case of foreign investments.
  • Drafting and Negotiations of Important Terms and Agreements.

Working Highlights

  • We bring in expertise from a variety of industries.
  • Offer fresh perspectives and innovative and creative solutions.
  • We establish alliances and mitigate risks.
  • Ensuring Long-term partnerships and collaborations.
  • Incorporate the latest technological advances with traditional legal practice to provide quick and tailored solutions.